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21 Blackjack:One of the most elegant casino game also well known as 21. No Doubt, Black Jack Online is the most played casino game after slots. The basic reason for popularity of BlackJack is Players are not merely dependent on luck to beat the 21 dealer but with practice and patience can master this game and can grab lots of oppurtunities to cover the odds.

21 Black Jack Online is no doubt the king of Card games and contribute around 22% of its share in total online and land based casino industry in the year 2010-2011. From this figure only you can have an idea of popularity of BlackJack and can well undertstand the reason for making this site exclusively dedicated to darling - BlackJack where players can play blackjack online at any moment of there ease...

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First, We need to understand the basic rules and strategy to Play BlackJack Online which is simply to reach nearest to the prime number '21' without crossing it and dealer's total should be lesser then yours or more then 21. Though, there are lots and lots of twists and curves in different variants of Black Jack online so better to learn and understand the rules of different variants and then jump to beat the dealer.

How To Play BlackJack / Winning Factors on Black jack Online:

There are lots and lots of winning factors in land based as well as online Black Jack. The key factor is have patience and play with cool mind and never get aggressive while winning or loosing the hand. An practically experimented and passed factors are live with us in shape of Articles or Blogs or even in Black jack variants learning sections.

It is practically not possible to add all winning factors / strategies / combinations / variants / etc. on this single page. So, feel comfortable to click on the variant below and be the winner of 21 Black jack online or click here and we will redirect you to varinats page where you can easily distinguish between all blackjack variants.

Variants and Strategies to Play BlackJack Online

In Total, there are more then 20 variants to play blackjack available in land based casinos. But, in the internet cosmos, there are around 10 popular variants of black jack online, which have a little difference in each other but when it's come about $$$ then even a single penny counts :). So, we suggest our players to totally understand the rules with us and then jump of any casino to play and try your luck.

Popular blackjack Variants are as follows:

classic blackjack multi hand blackjack Pontoon blackjack face up 21 blackjack
blackjack switch match play 21 blackjack War european blackjack
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Today, we live in internet world so we all are very well know about 'Softwares'. Software is basically the back bone of any mechanism which is actually responsible for the correcy moment of any part. In Online Gambling Industry too Softwares plays a very important role as its software which will actuall give you the backend support, transactions support, and a high-rich feeling.

There are dozens of online casino softwares available today and casinos take there services there licences, payment gatewats, servers, etc. to make sure that the players get the best gambling experience without any hassle.

We the team of BlackJackMoves, has tried to bring down all the casino software under one roof where you can easily distinguish and choose the best which suits you the most.

Please feel free to select any of the highly reputated casino software of click on the link below to check out all the casinos softwares:

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BlackjackMoves.Com - All what a 'BlackJacker' Wants

If you are new to gambling world then terms like 'odds', 'edge', 'dealer', etc. can put you in auckward condition as when you google these terms you will see number of sites trying to define these terms but unfortunately most of them are just rewriting someone else written content and have almost zero practical knowledge. On all these and many more parameters you will actually feel the differene in as we are trying to explain as much as we can in leisure and easy language with our own experience and not just content writers who are working for some dollars.

Learn How to Play Blackjack Online and Win at your home...!!!

When we though of playing casino games online then the first though come in our mind is which game to play and if you select black jack online then the next question arises in your mind is how to play blackjack...?? Many of us things that Blackjack is just a game of mere luck and no strategy works to win at blackjack. But, this is not true to MOST extent. One can master this game in many ways such as card counting, remembering the cards and many more. But, a very important factor which we always jump or try to skip is we have to proceed step-by-step. To master the 21 Black Jack there must be a strategy to learn and follow. Below is the brief of the strategy for you to learn first before start playing blackjack online.

  • First: Understand the variant of blackjack you wanna play online. It's rules, odds, etc.
  • Second: Always Read some blogs / Articles of some professional who are actually playing and then jot down there experience, who guide you to when to bet and which type of table to choose
  • Third: Play blackjack for free first..! Most of the casinos are offering free casinos games for there players. If you are too lazy (like me) to signup and then we will take you to our free blackjack section.
  • Forth: Jot down / remember your own experience from free gaming. It is not for sure that what works for someone else works for you too. So, better is jot down what you have learned and felt from your own experience.
  • Fifth: Find out the best casino which have your favourite blackjack variant and after checking the casino's review for support, bonus, legislation, licensing, etc. signup at casino and win the wheel of blackjack

I'll prefer not to take your time on this page for briefing ourselves but if you actually want to know more about us then pls visit our about us page or like us on facebook or follow us on twitter or subscribe to our newsletter for latest updates about us and gambling world.

Like the detailed information on al variants of blackjack you will find rest of our sites with same suffix - prefix with game name say or and so on, you will find all information on all variants of all casino games...

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